Texas Hold’em champion offers another way of thinking

There are many ways to play Texas Hold’em, and each way is a game. I have played four to five games since I first started, including limited bets, unlimited bets, Omaha, short stacks, and so on. In the process of playing against the best, I found that almost no one can play both games until they are well versed and strong, most people are particularly strong in one game and may be able to win the other, but they cannot beat the industry leader. For example, I can’t play two games at the same time during the learning process because my thinking is completely different.

At first I would play different games and win in small increments, but later I found that this way of playing was too hard. Different games have different rules, different strategies, different tempos, different wins and losses, so it is like constantly switching channels. Instead of knowing a little bit of each kind and winning a little bit of each one, why not choose a game to practice to be the strongest, play to be the most powerful, and become a professional of poker betting!

If you just want to make extra money, it is true that you can leverage a lot of things, but this is also too hard, spend so much time, earn so little money why? Suppose you earn 50,000 a month and 15,000 more on the side, this money will only solve your immediate needs and will not change your life much in the future, not to mention changing your income structure. It’s better to invest in your future while working, focus on your strengths, and then achieve the top of your game, so that in the future you may be able to earn more than your original job, and break out of the circle of hard earned money. Many professional Texas Hold’em players had jobs before, and after putting their kids to bed at the end of the day, they slowly built up their strengths and finally became a professional player.

I started with poker betting, but every time I try a new game, I prefer not to have learned Texas Hold’em because you get a head start, but it can go in the exact opposite direction. The conversion process is painful and takes months to get down to a new game, even if you know the game well, it still takes so much time.

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