Money management concepts Reasonable investment and remuneration

If a question is now posed to Texas Hold’em experts around the world, what is the most important technique to play Texas Hold’em well, more than 90% of the answers must be good “money management”. If in a Texas Hold’em online game, it is the player’s chip (coin or score) management.
The best techniques can only help a player improve his winnings by a few big blinds in every 100 games. But a bad mindset making wrong money management is often losing hundreds or even thousands of big blinds in just a few games. This guide shares with players how to manage their money well in the game of poker and be a winner who never goes broke.

Important concept of money management: reasonable investment and remuneration
In the real world, the common return on investment of $100 invested in any project rarely exceeds 30% in fact. If you can get more than 50% return on investment, it is already a very high profit rate, and more than 100% is definitely a huge profit.

So players with a little common sense and judgment must know that asking for more than 100% return on investment is a very abnormal mindset. But let’s look at the game of poker, where almost every player is expecting to win 10,000 points with 10,000 points (expected rate of return: 100%), 500,000 points with 100,000 points (expected rate of return 500%), or even 10 million points with 1 million points or more (expected rate of return 1000%).

Obviously this greed to get rich is already an abnormal expectation, the player is actually “betting” on a result that is absolutely impossible to appear in the long term and stable. Many people don’t realize this and claim that they are not gambling when they play the poker betting. In fact, if you don’t manage your money well with a reasonable mindset to play derby and expect to win more than 100% every day, you are already a true gambler.

Online games are just virtual game chips, but because of this, it causes many gamers to not pay attention to money management. In fact, without good money management in online Texas Hold’em games, sometimes you can lose money much faster than offline. Therefore it is highly recommended that players must insist on good money management in online Texas Hold’em as follows.

  Texas Hold’em money management is exactly the same as our real life, which is why foreign countries say: “Poker is life. This is the reason why foreign countries say: “Poker is life. This is the reason why foreign countries say “poker is life”. Please take a good look at the above before you start playing Texas Hold’em, “money management” will be an important concept that will affect your life.

To truly follow the Kelly Guidelines to the top of the Texas Hold’em world, you need to do at least the following.

  1. Learn more scientific techniques: always work to improve your skills and increase your advantage, without which you should quit the game.
  2. Keep your money safe: be mentally prepared to downgrade at any time and follow through with the downgrade.
  3. Funding distinction: living funds and poker funds should be separated in order to be braver to venture out.
  4. Share the risk: At levels higher than the nosebleeds you can afford, it is very common to share the risk with friends (take action).

Money management is very important for a player who wants to make consistent money from Texas Hold’em, but good money management alone is not enough, learning management, goal management, status management, and time management are also important. In the foreseeable future, a wide range of poker betting skills beyond the narrow sense of poker skills themselves will be increasingly valued by poker players.

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