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poker games – As the second most populous country in the world, India has a young and fast-growing demographic that represents a large and highly promising user pool for the gaming industry. According to Statista, mobile gaming revenue in India reached $2.4 billion in 2020.

Gambling is illegal in most states in India under the Public Gambling Act, but a game of skill, such as Fantasy Sports and Rummy, can be played legally outside of the gambling ban if it is deemed a game of skill that relies on skill rather than luck to win.


Rummy & Teen Patti

Rummy has a long history in India, having become a popular form of entertainment long before smartphones became commonplace.

Rummy is classified as a game of skill because it focuses more on the player’s flexibility in using game strategies, which means that users can legally play rummy in India and manufacturers do not need to apply for a license to distribute rummy games.

The popularity of rummy in India can also be seen through advertising material, with some videos pompously showing how much people love rummy and pick up their phones for a game anytime and anywhere in between work life.

source from:App Growing Global

source from:App Growing Global


Unique distribution features

Because Android devices account for over 95% of the Indian mobile device market and are generally not well configured, as well as the sensitivity of channel rules to real gold games, publishers in India typically do not rely on the Google Play channel as much as game publishers in other regions.

On the site promotion page of App Growing Global, you can find that some of the real gold game ads do not direct users to the app store, but to other web pages. Among these pages, part of them are games that can be run directly on the web side, and the other part are pages that resemble the product’s official website or marketing H5.

source from:App Growing Global

On these landing pages, users can skip the Google Play Store by filling in their cell phone number to get a text message with a download link or by downloading the APK file directly from the website to install the game.

There are also ads that take advantage of the social nature of Indians to drive traffic to Facebook pages, then lead users to download and register through content marketing on social media, and make full use of their social networks to spread the word during the game.

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