The past life of the Indian Rummy game

poker games – Rummy, a card game prevalent in Europe and America, has recently been developed as an online card game in India. Some people believe that Chinese mahjong is its originator. We have no way to verify the correctness of this statement, but looking at the rules below, you may think that it is indeed true.

The general rule is that 2-6 players take part in the game, each taking 13 cards at the beginning of the game, with the rest of the playing cards placed backwards on the table and the top one placed face up in another pile. Thereafter, the cards played are stacked in this pile one at a time; the most basic combination is to form 3-4 long cards with the same number of points (Set) or to form a Pure Sequence of no less than three cards of the same suit (jokers of different suits are not allowed), and to spread the already paired sets on the table, or else to add one or more of their own hands to the other players’ sets.

When the bottom card is exhausted, the player with the lowest number of unsuited cards in his hand wins, and the score of the winner of each game is the total number of points of the other players’ hands. The size joker can be used as any card.

The current state of board games in India
In 2019 India’s annual GDP decline is serious, the whole economy is about to enter the life of tightening the belt, but the game industry is soaring, board games are crazy gold, the form of hot. According to Google and KPMG statistics, online and mobile games account for 3/4 of the gaming market, and online gaming is expected to grow to $1.1 billion by 2021.

The All India Gaming Federation (AIDF) predicts that the number of online real-time gamers will grow by leaps and bounds in recent years as new game models are introduced. KPMG’s data also indicates that India is fast becoming the largest emerging gaming market in terms of the number of game applications downloaded. It can be said that India’s gaming market has huge potential.

The board game industry is already taking shape in the Indian gaming market, with the majority of games being recent releases, many of which are able to top the app arcades within months of release, and while several companies are still caught in the early melee, it is worth noting that these apps are able to take to the Indian gaming market like fish to water.

AIGF’s CEO Roland Landers said in an exclusive interview that there are currently around 100 operators of online skill games and that AIGF is optimistic that the number of operators will increase, given the stimulus of such a market. He also said that the valuation of the Indian game industry has been consistently high, attracting the attention of global PE institutions, including China. So, board games have full vitality in the Indian game market.

Indian rummy has a prominent place in board games
Board games typically include fantasy sports, rummy, poker and other skill-oriented games tournaments, which account for 55-60% of revenue in the Indian online gaming market. In terms of downloads in the Indian app market, Play Rummy Game’s “Rummy Circle” is in the top of the Google Mall download list. In the AppleStore, there is a wide variety of board games, with Rummy Cards leading the way.

Founded in 2006, Play Games24X7 is well known among Indian game companies, and its international financing process PlayGames24X7 received a seed round investment from Tiger Global, and Rummy Circle is its subsidiary, which successfully became the dominant game in the Apple App Store in the real gold category. The game company Junglee Games currently has four main games, including two board games Howzat and Junglee Rummy. These two games contribute 90% of its revenue, and multiple tournaments are held simultaneously every day.

Board games like rummy and poker have been around on the Internet for about a decade, but it is only in the last few years that revenues have started to skyrocket. Because these games offer Indians the possibility of overnight riches, many people are attracted to board games, and likewise board games are gradually becoming an option for investors as they bring high cash flow and lucrative profits to many gaming companies. Even Tencent Games, a famous domestic game manufacturer, is also making a big wave of gold in the Indian board game market. So it is said that Indian rummy game as the least controversial one among Indian board games, the legal risk as well as policy risk encountered in the investment process may be the least, and of course it is also very worthy of investment.

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