Rookie Can Also Take Down Insider

As Texas Hold’em becomes more and more popular, the public’s knowledge and understanding of it is getting deeper, and the demand for “innovation” in its gameplay is getting stronger. In pursuit of more interesting and exciting gameplay, a group of business tycoons and Texas Hold’em gods finally developed a new game based on the traditional Texas Hold’em – short-card play – after accumulating and studying a large number of hands. At the end of 2017, TomDwan, an internationally renowned professional poker player, started his China tour, and in his previous interview, he highly praised the short-card game by saying “it’s fun, it’s more fun”, which made this new game spread rapidly among the Texas Hold’em players and become more well-known and loved by more people. It’s more fun.

  Why is the short game so popular? What’s so fascinating about it? In fact, the game of Short Deck is basically the same as traditional Texas Hold’em, but with the 16 cards of 2, 3, 4 and 5 points removed, leaving only 36 cards to be played, giving players a new “fast and furious” experience. Specifically, we can see that:

  1. The probability of winning is increased and the players’ participation is high.
  The players are willing to play even with low value starting hands, and the chance of winning a big hand is obviously higher than traditional Texas Hold’em, making it easier for players to have a big bottom pool and more excited.

  2. The probability of overtaking is greater, and counterattacks often occur.
  The number of cards has been reduced, and the corresponding combination of cards has become less difficult for players to calculate and judge, and the role of luck in the whole game has increased, greatly reducing the gap between recreational players and professional players, so you can say that rookies also have the opportunity to take down veteran drivers; in addition, even if the hand is not good, there is a high chance to achieve a comeback, bringing players unlimited fun to flip the game.

  3, Simple and exciting, no longer conservative gameplay.
 The probability of cards in the game becomes larger, the play is no longer conservative, injustice cards and multiple All-in often happen, greatly stimulating the adrenaline hormone of the players, the game thrill is much stronger than the traditional Texas Hold’em.

  So what are the specific rules of short-handed play? There are two common rules, but they are the same: both are based on traditional Texas Hold’em, with the 16 cards “2-5” removed and only the 36 cards “6-A” are played; in terms of deck composition, “A6789″ is defined as the smallest card. A6789” is the smallest straight and the rest is the same as traditional Texas Hold’em. The difference lies in the logic: Royal Flush > Flush > Four of a Kind > Flush > Gourd > Straight > Three of a Kind > Two of a Kind > One of a Kind > High Card.

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