Complete regular table tips from beautiful poker player Kristen

With three WSOP gold bracelets, Kristen Bicknell, a beautiful poker player who specializes in tournaments and regular tables, has outlined a few tips for winning at regular tables to help you play with ease.

Poker TipsChoose your starting hand carefully
You’ll have to relax or narrow your preflop range depending on the number of players at the table and your position. Don’t game some weak hands just because you’re bored or on top. You will have a hard time getting a positive EV if you are constantly playing multiplayer bottom pots with weak starting hands in unfavorable positions.

Poker TipsWatch your position
You should take advantage of your Button position (dealer position) game as much as possible. Being in a good position in poker is a great opportunity to win, and you need to take advantage of it.

Poker TipsResearch your opponents
If you know your opponent, you will win a hundred battles! When playing, it is important to not only focus on your own hand, but also to know how your opponents play. Observe how they play and use their game tendencies to adjust your own play, or even learn from your opponents!

Poker TipsUtilizing the poker table image
Just as you will adjust to your opponents’ game tendencies, your opponents will adjust their play against you based on the image you have in their mind. If you always fold frequently and don’t participate much in the hand because you have a tight image, you can start bluffing frequently. If you have been game a lot of cards and have been caught bluffing from time to time, you should always keep in mind that your opponents are likely to call you.

Poker TipsPay attention to your emotions
Avoid playing when emotions are out of control There is a lot of volatility in poker. When your emotions are running high because you are winning or losing, your decisions are likely to be influenced by your emotions. You should make sure that you understand your emotions and know when you should quit the game altogether. There are times when awareness of emotions alone is enough to minimize the impact of emotional outbursts on your play.

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