Texas Hold’em Tips: Advanced

poker tips – 1.Please defend your big blind
The big blind is a special position because you have already put in 1 big blind in the antes.For this reason, when you are sitting in the big blind facing a raise, you will have a better position to attack than other positions.Since you are the last person to act before the flop, you can operate with more tactics than if you were sitting in the other seat.This doesn’t mean you should call or raise with junk cards like 9♠ 5♦, but marginal hands like K♣ 9♦ and Q♥ 6♥ can be played in most cases.

poker tips – 2.Fold when you’re not sure whether to call or not
Want to know the biggest difference between a bad player and a professional player? It’s that good players always know when they should give up their cards.This sounds simple, but it’s hard to do in practice, partly because of the way our brains are constructed.We are curious by nature, we want to win by nature.When we fold, we give up our chances of winning the pot, and we can’t satisfy our curiosity by finding out what our opponent’s hand is.But calling too often in the wrong situation is the second fastest way to fail in poker (the first is an ineffective bluff).Whenever you’re not sure whether to call or fold, tell yourself to think about folding first.

poker tips – 3.Attack when your opponent’s watch shows a weakness
Players don’t usually check when they have a strong hand. This means that when they do check, they usually have a relatively weak hand and will usually fold if faced with multiple raises. This is the “bluffing” situation I mentioned earlier.When your opponents show a lot of weaknesses in singleton pots (such as when they overcall on the flop and turn), you can beat them with an aggressive bluffing strategy that should not only involve betting with your usual semi-bluffs, but you should also attack with some pure bluffs with no cards.

poker tips – 4.Only play when you are in a good mood
Poker should be a fun experience, whether you are an amateur or a professional player.You perform best when you are happy, so only when you feel that way should you play a game that requires intense mental concentration.If you feel frustrated, tired or angry, you should quit the game immediately. By doing so, you are likely to save yourself a lot of money.

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